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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s2018-11-06T11:49:26+00:00

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Buying Tickets

I have Booked tickets online – what are the next steps?2018-09-13T12:16:50+01:00

In the next few minutes you will receive an e-mail regarding your purchase request. This is not a confirmation of the order, it only means we are handling the confirmation of your order.

Usually within a few hours, and no longer than one business day, you will receive your order confirmation e-mail (or another answer regarding your order).

The confirmation e-mail contains very important details and guidelines. Please read the guidelines specified in the Confirmation e-mail carefully.

If the ticket category was marked as “Immediate confirmation” you will get the confirmation e-mail within a few minutes.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, before or after ordering, please contact us.

I haven’t received an e-mail confirming my order2018-09-13T12:16:52+01:00

You will receive an e-mail regarding your purchase request with the order number within a few minutes after the purchase. This is not a confirmation of the order, it only means we are processing and handling the confirmation of your order.

If you didn’t receive an e-mail from us, kindly check that you finished your order and the payment went through, and you didn’t make a type error in the email address. Furthermore, check your spam box. If you still don’t find it, please contact us.

If, for some reason, your payment wasn’t approved, you will see an error message that ask you to contact your credit card company. Please contact your credit card company asap. Please note that we don’t hold the prices and availability of the tickets in our website.

If the event is in less than 24 hours, please contact us.

Why do my tickets have someone else’s name on them?2018-09-13T12:15:25+01:00

When you purchase tickets from us, you can receive either paper tickets, electronic tickets (e-tickets), mobile tickets or plastic cards (season ticket or a member card).

In some cases, the name of the original purchaser of the tickets may be printed on your tickets. Don’t worry! The tickets you’ll receive are valid and names do not need to match in order to enter the event.

Event Cancelled / Postponed2018-09-13T12:15:23+01:00

If your event has been cancelled or postponed, we will contact you via e-mail with all relevant details and next steps.

If the event is cancelled – We will ask you to return the tickets and you will be refunded for your purchase.

If the event is postponed – The tickets are usually valid for the new date. If you are not able to attend the rescheduled event we can try to resell your tickets on our website. In this case we cannot grantee a refund. Read about our liability in our Terms andConditions.

In case an event is cancelled or rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions, you will not be entitled for a refund.

I want to add tickets or to change the tickets category2018-09-13T12:15:20+01:00

If you would like to add tickets or change category to an existing order, please contact us.

Kindly take into consideration that all our orders are final, and though we will do our best to help you, we can’t guarantee to make the changes you ask for.

Is it possible to cancel or change my order?2018-09-13T12:13:33+01:00

Once you place your order, we immediately address our suppliers and purchases the tickets for you, with no option to cancel or change the purchase.

Therefore, all orders are binding and cannot be cancelled without our prior written approval.

If you have any problem with the Order, please contact us. You can be sure we’ll do everything we can to help.

If we manage to cancel your order, you will be charged a cancellation fee, as mentioned in our

Terms and Conditions.

Why are the tickets prices higher than their Face Value?2018-09-13T12:13:30+01:00

We operate within the secondary market in which the availability of the tickets and their pricing are determined and differs by the market’s supply and demand. Therefore, in high profile or sold out events it is expected that the selling price of the tickets will be higher than their face value (price mentioned on the ticket).

Kindly note that in most cases we purchase the tickets at a higher price than their face value. Frequently the ticket changes few hands before it is sold to us. We add to the ticket-price a modest fee to reflect the various costs we must obtain in order to carry out our operations successfully.

We do our best to keep our prices competitive while offering you a wide range of tickets accompanied by an excellent customer service.

How do I change my e-mail address or any other personal details?2018-09-13T12:13:27+01:00

Please contact us. The change is subject to an anti-fraud check. We are not obligated to accept your change details.

“Date of the event isn’t final” what does it mean (when will it be final)?2018-09-13T12:12:10+01:00

In European football / Basketball leagues (in rare occasions in other events too) all matches are set with tentative dates at the beginning of the season and the final dates are finalized just a few weeks or even days before the match.

This is entirely out of our control and determined by the organizers and the parties owning the broadcasting rights.

Therefore, while placing your order you should check if the match you are interested in is presented as “Not Final”.

If your event appears as “Not final” – look for the note indicating the possible time frame (for example: “Date and time are subject to change Event will not start before Friday at 20:00 and not after Monday at 22:00”).

Kindly check the final date in our event page a few days prior to the event.

Plan your trip! If you are a tourist planning to travel to the event city, we strongly recommend you plan your stay at the event city during the entire duration of the possible time frame. This way, if the match date is finalized within a short notice, you’ll still be able to attend the event.

Please take into consideration that we cannot guarantee a refund for such a change in the event date & time. Read about in our Terms and Conditions.

Possible postponed to an “unknown date” in Premier League2018-09-13T12:12:00+01:00

In some matches in the Premier League (in rare occasions in other events too), there is a possibility that the date & time will be rescheduled to an unknown date, due to one of clubs taking part in FA/League Cup matches that are scheduled to take place during the same weekend.

A note regarding possible postponed to an “unknown date” in Premier League will “Pop up” on the second page of your purchase.

Kindly take into consideration that in such case, we would probably not be able to cancel your order or offer any refund. The tickets will stay valid for the same match in its new date and time.

For further explanations please contact us.

When should I arrive to the Venue and what should I bring with me?2018-09-13T12:11:52+01:00

Usually, we recommend that you arrive at the venue at least one hour in advance.

Kindly read the specific guidelines regarding your event in the confirmation e-mail we sent you.

Attending the venue early will give us enough time to assist you in case of need and make sure you enter the event on time.

You are required to carry to the venue:

1. A mobile phone – so you can contact us in case of need.

2. ID document for each attendee – you might be asked to present one at the entrance to the venue.

I received a different category than what I’ve ordered2018-09-13T12:10:45+01:00

Please contact us immediately.

What are plastic tickets or member card tickets?2018-09-13T12:10:37+01:00

Your tickets may be in the form of a season ticket or a member card (plastic card).

In such case, you will be required to return the ticket in accordance with the instructions provided with the plastic card or given by us. Kindly take this into consideration while making your post-event arrangements.

You should not, under any circumstances, throw the plastic cards away or take them home with you.

If you fail to return the plastic cards accordingly, we will have no choice but to charge you according to our Terms and Conditions.

I can’t find the event / category I’m looking for in the website. What should I do?2018-09-13T12:10:27+01:00

We will most probably be able to find your specific request even if we don’t have it in the website, please contact us.

What does it mean “Immediate Confirmation” tickets?2018-09-13T12:09:41+01:00

If you ordered “Immediate confirmation” tickets, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your order within a few minutes. Other tickets will require longer time to be processed and confirmed (up to one working day).

Seating Arrangements

Where exactly will I sit?2018-09-13T12:09:38+01:00

You can find the categories description under the venue map in the event page. Sometimes, we only have a general description of seat location (such as: “Long side” or “Short side”).

We will always try to supply the best available tickets within the chosen category, but you should consider that the seats might be located ANYWHERE within the category.

You will know your exact seats only upon receiving your tickets.

Please contact us if you need more clarification.

Will my seats be together?2018-09-13T12:09:35+01:00

Unless the ticket is listed as “Single Seat” we are committed to seat you in pairs.

In some stadiums seating in pairs can also refer to diagonal or perpendicular adjoined seats (one seat in front of the other).

If you are three or more and want to sit together, please contact us before placing your order and we will check for available options.

If we confirmed seating 3 or more together, in some stadiums seating together (3 or more) can also refer to diagonal or perpendicular adjoined seats (one seat in front of the other).

What does it mean “Single seats”?2018-09-13T12:06:08+01:00

These tickets are usually cheaper, but they are what they are – single seats. If you buy more than one “Single” ticket, each of you may be seated in a different section.

How do I make a Group Order (9 tickets or more)?2018-09-13T12:06:06+01:00

For group orders (9 tickets or more) please contact us. We will get back to you within one business day.

If the ticket category you chose allows you to order 9 tickets or more – you can go ahead and place your order, but in such case, we can only guarantee to sit you in pairs.

Will I be seated with Home fans or away fans?2018-09-13T12:06:05+01:00

All the tickets are for the Home section, unless indicated otherwise (“Away section”).

According to the organizer’s behavior codes, you are not allowed cheer the away team or wear any away-team colors. Participants are also advised to wear neutral-colored clothing if not supporting the home team. Not following these rules may be interpreted as a provocation and might get you expelled from the stadium.

The above specifications do not apply to matches that are played at a Neutral Venue/Stadium‏ (such as Champions League Final, Europa League Final, FA Cup Final, League Cup Final or World Cup events). Unless specified otherwise, the seats can be located in either one of the sections, so you are advised to wear neutral-colored clothing.

Delivery Methods

Hotel Delivery2018-09-13T12:02:46+01:00

Please note: we only deliver tickets to hotels in the city of the event.

When will I get my tickets?

Usually, the tickets will be delivered to your hotel’s reception in the event city during the night before the event.

In case of late arrival to your hotel (on the event day), make sure to contact the hotel in the morning of the event day to ensure the envelope is waiting for you.

If the tickets have not arrived by the morning of the event day, please contact us.

Hotel verification

Kindly make sure that the room reservation is listed under the guest Name you have given us. Please let the reception know, in advance, that you are expecting an envelope.

To avoid theft, we strongly advise you not to disclose the delivery’s content.

kindly note that we will not be responsible for failed delivery due to the hotel’s refusal to accept your envelope for any reason, or due to the hotel’s negligence in guarding the delivery and handing it to you.

How and when to provide my hotel details?

If you have not yet given us your hotel details, kindly reply to the confirmation email we have sent you with your hotel details. You can change your hotel details up to 7 days prior to the event by contact us. Changes in your hotel details must be approved by us (so we can arrange your tickets delivery).

What if I didn’t book any hotel yet?

You can place your order and provide us with your hotel details once you book a hotel and no longer than one week prior to the event.

If you don’t have a hotel in the city of the event or if you booked accommodation without a reception, please let us know (you can write it in the notes section of your order). In such case, your tickets delivery will most probably be switched to collection in the event city.

Collection Point2018-09-13T12:02:34+01:00

We have two main types of collection:

1. Collection at the box office in the venue.

2. Central collection point in the city of the event – it could be either at a reception of a central hotel / a local shop / other designated location we will appoint.

When will I get my tickets?

We will send you the exact collection point details during the week leading to the event, and up to 24 hours before the event begins. The tickets will be waiting for you at that point.

Please read the specific guidelines regarding your collection point in an e-mail we will send you.

You are required to bring an identification document of the lead customer name to collect the tickets.

Electronic Ticket (E-Ticket)2018-09-13T12:02:18+01:00

The E-ticket is an electronic ticket in a PDF format that will be send to you via e-mail.

To enter the venue, you must print the E-ticket and carry the printed tickets with you to the venue. You will not be allowed to enter the venue if you fail to bring the E–Ticket itself (with the barcode and your exact seat number).

When will I get my tickets?

Your electronic ticket (E-ticket) will be delivered by e-mail during the week prior to the event, and up to 24 hours before the event begins.

Safety measurements

Keep your E-Ticket safe. Duplication and use of your E-Tickets by another person would prevent you from entering the venue with your own ticket.

Mobile Ticket2018-09-13T12:04:22+01:00

What is a Mobile ticket and how to use it?

A mobile ticket is a ticket downloaded and presented from your mobile phone device. Note that you cannot print the tickets and you must present them on your mobile at the entrance to the venue.

Note that you will need internet access to download the tickets. Usually, you’ll have to open an account or download a mobile app to receive and view the tickets. In some cases, we may send to you a screen shot of the mobile tickets themselves.

We will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to download the tickets to your mobile device. Please read this e-mail carefully. If you encounter any problems, contact our Emergency Hotline.

When will I get my tickets?

The instructions for downloading your mobile tickets will be sent to your email during the week before the event and not later than 24 hours before the event starts.

You will have to follow the instructions and download the tickets to your mobile device. In some cases, the barcode will appear 24-48 hours before the event.

To see the tickets on your mobile phone you’ll need to login to your account from your mobile phone using Wi-Fi. If you don’t have internet connection while entering the venue, you can take a screen shot of every ticket and show it on the entrance.

Flash Seats2018-09-13T12:04:13+01:00

What is a Flash Seat ticket and how to use it?

Flash Seats is a credit card-based digital ticketing system that allows you to enter an event with your credit card. During the registration process, you will be asked to enter your credit card details. You MUST arrive at the venue carrying the same credit card you submitted.

Once at the venue, you will be asked to present the same credit card at the entrance before receiving your tickets.

Kindly note: Credit Card use is only a mean of identification. Other than the purchase of tickets, there will not be any additional charges.

We will send you an e-mail with instructions regarding the registratio